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2020-2021 Projects

DIY Dog Toys

From October through November 2020, members created 350+ handmade dog toys from a variety of different styles out of used t-shirts. The SRVC Interact club donated the toys to  local animal shelters such as the Valley Humane Society, East County Animal Shelter, and Love & Second Chances!


Action Against Hunger

For this international project, the SRVC Interact club hosted a Krispy Kreme fundraiser and had a Bingo Board challenge to raise money to donate towards Action Against Hunger. We delivered over 100 total orders of donuts to local residents of the Bay Area. Through these efforts we raised $1000 in hopes to donate money towards ending world starvation!


Contra Costa Crisis Center

For this community project, the SRVC Interact club partnered with a local non-profit, Fighting for Hope, and raised a total of $500 to donate towards mental health and suicide prevention efforts. We collaborated with various restaurants in our community such as Panera, Chipotle, Panda Express. We even partnered with a local Mediterranean food truck, Halal Bites of Chicago, which seemed to be very popular amongst the Interactors. 

One Bread

For this project, members of the SRVC Interact wrote 34 Letters of Love to send to rehabilitated sexual abuse survivors. The public relations committee also created an informational pamphlet regarding child sexual abuse and trafficking. This pamphlet was created for community distribution in order to spread more awareness about this issue.


End Violence Against Women International

For this international service project, the SRVC Interact hosted a local book drive to collect books and raise money to donate towards an international organization, End Violence Against Women International. Members collectively donated over a total of 600 books, and brought them to Half Price Books. Through the sales of books from this project, we successfully raised $250 to donate towards gender-based violence prevention efforts around the world.

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